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Jezz and Wayne Alton.

The Early Years

The first 7 years of Jezz and Wayne knowing one another.



By 2008, the relationship was solid, but it wasn't without its troubles.

Friends Passed

Over 20 years, Jezz and Wayne have said many goodbyes.

They met at Legends bar and hotel in Brighton on 7 December 2000. They got engaged at Bohemia restaurant in The Lanes, Brighton on 19 May 2019. And on 6 December 2021, Jezz's 50th birthday, they married at the Hilton Brighton Metropole.


This website shows their lives together. 



The Early Years


Jezz and Wayne met on the afternoon of Tuesday 7 November 2000. It was at the New Europe Hotel, Marine Parade, Brighton, (currently trading as Legends Bar and Hotel) and it was at the bar. Wayne was having a drink with a friend and flatmate, Paul, who had come to Brighton for the day. They both observed Jezz coming in to the hotel and assumed that he was with someone else as there was so much luggage. And that was to be the talking point when Jezz came down from his room to have a drink at the bar. After a while, the three of them went to the all-day sauna next door in the basement of the Amsterdam hotel. Moments later, Jezz and Wayne were embroiled in a threesome with a chap called Neil!

Jezz and Wayne spent the rest of their week-long break being together, treating one another with gifts from their shopping sprees.

One of the gifts that Jezz bought for Wayne was a Jelly Belly dispenser.


They parted ways at the week's end and swapped numbers. They met up several times again once they were home. Jezz lived in Milton Keynes at the time and would get the train down to South London and spend weekends with Wayne.

By the end of 2021, Jezz had relocated workwise and moved down to live with Wayne (and then Peter and Paul). In April 2022, Wayne and Jezz moved to a 2 bedroom ground floor property in a small block of flats within the borough. Their relationship was more than open and for the first 10-12 years, Jezz's role was considered more of a carer for Wayne as he was still rehabilitating from being so poorly in 2000.

Box Hill 2001

Jezz and Wayne at the 5 counties view point at Box Hill, Surrey.

Woodcote Road 2002

Jezz and Wayne in the flat at Woodcote Road, Wallington.

Christmas Cards 2003

Jezz and Wayne dropping off Christmas cards by hand.

At Lizz's 2004

Jezz and Wayne visiting Lizz, in her garden.

Brighton Pride 2005

Jezz and Wayne, heading to Preston Park for Brighton Pride.

'The Caiger's' Wedding 2006

Jezz and Wayne, attending sister Nikki and Paul's wedding.

Wayne's 40th 2007

Jezz and Wayne, at Park Place, Mitcham for Wayne's 40th birthday.

Day out: Bentley & Wildfowl Museum 2008

Jezz and Wayne, having a day out.



Jezz and Wayne's companionship had developed to an unbreakable bond. They had experienced everything that encompasses a devoted friendship with a soulmate. As well as learning one another's quirks, tastes and preferences, they had explored different types of vacations from budget chalet rentals to 5-star hotel overnight stays. They had overcome some of their anxieties, from flying in an aeroplane to white-knuckle rides at theme parks. Family restaurant meal gatherings and long weekend trips away with friends.

▲  2009

At Beachy Head

One of their days out with David, Jezz and Wayne at Beachy Head.

▲  2010

London Eye

One of their days out, Jezz and Wayne on the London Eye.

▲  2010

Trip: Great Yarmouth

Jezz and Wayne stay with Jezz's Mum, Joan & sister Hayley, in a chalet in Great Yarmouth.

▲  2011

Out to lunch in Kingston

Jezz and Wayne are in Brown's restaurant, Kingston-upon-Thames.

▲  2012

Out to lunch in Brighton

Jezz and Wayne go to Yo Sushi in Brighton.

▲  2013

At The Well House Inn

Jezz and Wayne having lunch at The Well House Inn in Mogador, near Kingswood.

▲  2014

Borough Market, London

Jezz and Wayne have lunch in Borough Market after a float. Kelly was with them.

▲  2015

Out to lunch at Ramsay's

Jezz and Wayne were gifted a voucher by Barry & Melinda, to eat at a Ramsay's restaurant.

▲  2016

Night out at The Grandstand, Epsom Downs

Jezz and Wayne went to a work's evening do at The Grandstand at Epsom Downs.

▲  2017

Simply at home

Jezz and Wayne, taking a selfie in Wayne's room.

▲  2018

On Brighton Pier

Jezz and Wayne, on the pier at Brighton.

▲  2019

Jezz proposes

Jezz and Wayne get engaged at Bohemia restaurant and bar, in The Lanes, Brighton.

▲  2020

As Covid hits

Jezz and Wayne venture out for the first time in months, but fully prepared.

▲  2021

Wedding Day

Jezz and Wayne get hitched in Brighton, where they met and where they got engaged.

▲  2022

Selfie at Alton Road

20 years in the making and finally, Wayne arranges a photo in front of the road sign for Alton Road, Croydon.

▲  2022

Christmas 2022

Jezz and Wayne get a visit from their daughter and grandsons, and it's gift exchange time.

▲  2023

In Regency Square, Brighton

We'd been to a Turkish restaurant and were on the way back to the hotel.

▲  2023

Christmas 2023

We're both wearing a Christmas Santa t-shirt from George, Asda.

▲  2023

Michéle's 60th

At The Greek Vine, Wallington with the family, celebrating Michéle's 60th birthday.

▲  2023

Arriving at the hotel

We spend the night at the hotel in Brighton where we got married two years before.

▲  2024

Tasting evening at Akash Tandoori

Jezz and I were invited to an evening of taste testing at our regular Indian takeaway and restaurant.

Friends Passed


For more than 20 years, Wayne and Jezz have shared their lives and homes together. They have met and lost friends along the way.


It was only a matter of time before there would be heartache, but it has only been with the loss of a loved one or family member. Specifically, Betty in 2001, Vicki, Lizz and Kate's Mum, Jean in 2002, Marc, Richard's partner died in 2004, as well as Emma's Dad, Frank, Jezz's ex-partner, Ted, died in 2005, Jezz's Nan, Ivy in 2006, Dad in 2008, Jeff in 2008 also, Tony's partner, Dan, in 2009, Maggie and David in 2011, Carol (Sarah's Mum) in 2012, Donald and Liz in 2013, Aunty Gwen in 2014, Ken and Christine in 2015, Willsy, Berni and Tony in 2017, Chris, James, Mair and David Jack in 2018, Irene in 2019, Andrew in 2020, John and Dawn in 2022, Jezz's brother Elliot and most recently, Cade, both in 2023.


Cade was Debbie and Ian's youngest child. Also, brother to Kelly, Leanne and Aidan.

He was just the sweetest and most unassuming young man. Taken way too early.


Jezz's brother, Elliot. Of course, on reflection, we realise that we didn't see enough of him, but Jezz's remembers their childhood together with affection and Wayne's holds dear the memories of the times they shared.


Dawn was someone that Wayne would see each time someone died, because she was a celebrant and provided her services for David Jack's, Chris and Maggie's funerals.


John was Debbie, Sharon, Dave and Sam's Dad. Wayne considered John an idol of his throughout his growing up and loved being with him, particularly when John would perform at pubs and other events.


David was Wayne's longest and oldest friend. They met in 1986 and their relationship was always extremely strong and close.


Jezz met Tony online, but he quickly became a very close friend. He lived in Nottingham, but he would come to London, and we'd go to see him too.


Donald was Ian's partner when Jezz met Ian. With Wayne and Donald, Ian and Jezz... outings, meals out and trips to the posh market stalls were a regular thing for a while.


Originally, Wayne was introduced to Maggie, Vicki's auntie. And, as is the case with anyone who met Maggie, she became a vital member of the family.


Wayne met Sarah originally through interviewing her for a DJ position at SLR Radio. She was a very close friend and good business partner too.


Daddy David was a hook-up with Jezz online but became one of the most important people in Wayne's life. Having always thought that David replaced Wayne's Dad after he passed away, the bond between them all was perfect.


We met Dan through Tony as they met one another and became an amazing couple. We supported Tony when Dan died.


Much the same as David and Tony, Jeff came into our lives as another one of Jezz's hook-ups. A brilliant, funny and kind man.


Ted was Jezz's ex. Jezz has fond memories of being with Ted and often reflects on the times and experiences they had together by sharing them with Wayne.